So, Friday my wife and I headed down to Regina Sk to do a radio show to promote my new album "The Swift Current Sessions"'s about a 3 hour drive from my home. I likely could have phoned it in but it's a one hour show done "live" so being there is better.
The station is community access but (as with everything these days) it streams online as well.
We got to the station a bit early so we went to a cafe across the street for a sandwich and a beer...still something I love to do but I'm starting to notice that 15 bucks for a chicken salad sandwich is kinda ridiculous....I never complain about the 6 dollar beer though...

At 5:45 we went to meet the host Reg Wilke at the station.

Reg loosely scripts the show, meaning, I know what he wants to talk about etc...

We hit the control room and I sit down at the mic and a little dog named "tucker" (a sidekick of one of the other DJ's) came in to join me...I offered him some air time but he just wasn't into it..shy I guess.

Anyway, we got underway 

I'll be honest...stages don't make me nervous....doing these radio spots does...and he probed pretty deep into my history.

All in all, it was a good show I think...between chats (while the songs were playing) we didn't talk much but we did some edits on the fly. Time started running long so we had to pick and choose what to leave in...

When all was said and done, Dee and I went to check into a hotel and then to meet Reg and his wife for pizza and a beer at their neighbourhood pub...
Then it was back to the hotel to change and grab a cab for some Regina night life.

We hailed a cab from the hotel to head out and find some live music....we were disappointed.
3 clubs that boast live of them had a band....
Now, I know this business I'm in quite well and I know the club scene for live music is almost non existent, but if you're going to boast live music, do it all the time. Don't just cherry pick your weekend. (from the viewpoint of the patron that, I was that night)
Hell, we even paid a cover charge to get into one of 'em!...which is fine if there's live music...but for a DJ??
I haven't played a club in a few years and I didn't like the view from here.

Saturday morning we checked out of the hotel and decided to head down to Indian Head Sk. and visit some family. On that we can never go wrong.


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