....  at this point we're about 3 or 4 shows into the summer. My regular bass player Vern Nixon can't make this one so Neil Kuntz is in the fire for the first time. He came highly recommended...but then I won't hire someone into such a situation unless they are.

I know to some of you it may seem incredible or odd or perhaps a little nuts, that I could show up at a gig never having even met one of my bandmates before. Or that someone can show up at a gig and just step onstage and do the job. Well there are some pretty heavyweight players out there that can do it very well.I've been blessed to know many of them in these parts. After I forward the material to them we always have a few phone conversations about keys, endings, quirks and twists and turns ahead of time. It's not completely blind..(THAT would be nuts). So Neil did a stellar job!

The gig was an outdoor thingy at a rodeo event. A good crowd of about 2 or 300. The promoter was the mayor of the town and treated us incredible! I know I know..you're thinking "what else would he say", political correctness and all....but he really was.

There were a couple of valuable lessons learned at this one though that are worth a mention.


It was after the second set of the night(so around 12:30 a.m.) when me and the boys were hanging out backstage...which in this instance was just outside the covered event area, behind the stage near our vans. We were just talking and having a laugh and a beer.

I noticed two girls about 20 or 30 feet from us, at about the edge of the light that spills from a night event. They were standing by what looked like a golf cart. One of the event organizers was likely using it to run around and had left it unattended...

The girls seemed to be looking around to see if anyone was watching...we keep talking and suddenly Shane interrupts and says laughing 
"I think we're about to see 2 girls pee".
I said nahh, maybe just gonna smoke a joint or do a bump...

Sure as hell he was right...in a split second down went the drawers (both of them) and they peed, thinking no one was around lol...We laughed hard at the fact they didn't see us !!..sure it was dark but they DID seem to look very hard...drunk no doubt...we averted our eyes like gentlemen of course but when they were done we thought of giving a round of applause...then thought "nah, why embarrass them now"....
yep, ya never know when someone's watching.


The show was done. sweaty and tired we were standing again outside the covered event area only this time to the side of the stage where the load in gate is. Having a beer and a smoke etc. Talking to some folks. 
I happened to glance over toward the vans and some young, really drunk guy in a cowboy hat was taking a piss between the vans...didn't seem to be pissing on anything but the ground (and by the way he was swaying, likely getting a little on himself). No concern anyway.

A few minutes later Neil (my bass player) was coming back from the hot dog stand ,walked between the vans and tripped over something (never dropped his hot dog though...a true olympian). 
Even though it was pitch black he knew it was a person.

I walked over and saw it was the cowboy I'd seen a few minutes earlier taking a leak.. Passed out cold. Fell forward into his own piss...pants still open. His head was halfway under one van and his legs halfway under the other. Some folks came over, helped him up and got him underway but my only thought was "if we had moved our vans without knowing he was there he could have been killed or at the very least seriously maimed"...and the likelyhood of that was there...I mean, who does a walk around and checks for stuff like that before driving away?...

.....but the worst part in the end (for HIM..and still a much better scenario than the aforementioned) was that...he wasn't the only one I saw pissing there...right where he fell. Anyone have a hug for a young cowboy?

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