I was driving home from a show a few weeks ago when "take the long way home" by supertramp came on the radio. I said to Dee "summer of '79"...me and my buddy Richard Buss hung out for what seemed an endless summer, smoking joints and listening to supertramp's album "breakfast in America" ad nauseum." We were 14.

The previous year was meatloaf's "bat out of hell"...a couple of songs on that album still make me think of my older sister's friend Denise...boy was she beautiful! And boy did I have a crush !!!!

The tragically hip"fully completely" ..summer of '93....my wife and I got married that summer and my band "blackwater jack" were riding a crest..my day job was 4am till 9 am which left me long hazy summer days of hangin out listening to the hip (among others). That album transcends me to a very happy time.

Of course these are just three examples that come to mind in the moment. There are of course tons of legendary classic albums out there. Songs are the soundtrack to our life. But sometimes its more than just a song. Its an album. A collection of songs by an artist that represents that feeling of a specific time....and thereafter that album just feels like....a piece of home.

...Summer 2012 has been filled with the "mike plume band". He's an old friend from way back and I've followed his career through the years while (shamefully) never having owned a complete album. Recently I was able to catch him on tour for the first time in twenty years and he gifted me 4 albums from his merch table!!...so while I felt I was a fan through listening online and downloading a few songs, I was able this summer to immerse myself in his albums start to finish. An impressive body of work! And now as time passes and summer 2012 becomes a memory, maybe this summer will remember itself with a mike plume band soundtrack...ya can't make shit like that happen...only time can...but lord knows its been a summer to remember!!


Muryel August 26, 2013 @06:44 am

This is way better than a brick & mortar esbttlishmena.

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