So last night I went to see Paul McCartney in Regina.
What an amazing show!!...Paul is spot on and his band is nothing short of amazing! But I knew that already, having seen a concert DVD from 2010...

BUT, seeing it live in the open air of a summer night from amazing seats intensified the experience tenfold.

He was personable and casual as if there weren't 40 thousand people watching him. An inspiration in so many ways...hell, I hope I have that kind of energy when I'm in my 70's. 

He is genuine.

We all know Sir Paul doesn't need the money...

So why does he still do it?

One gets the vibe that he just simply loves what he does...

..he does't need to do it to keep the music alive either. His/the Beatles music will never is as much alive now as it has ever been....
so, if not to keep the music alive, or for the money then why?...
why does he still do it?...He loves it...and it shows!...and we felt it!

So, I guess it was more than just another concert for was a life affirmation.

Love what you do!!

I'm under no illusions here...Paul is a shrewd is important and it must be looked after. BUT money shouldn't be your motivator...I can honestly say that anything I've ever done in my life "just for the money" has never worked out well...all you need is love baby...the rest finds you.


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