Coffee anyone?

So I'm sitting around on a Saturday morning at home. I'm on my second cup of coffee...well, third if you count the espresso that started things off.
I like that first jolt to be a good one on a morning like this. After that, the best is a good old Saturday morning Bailey's and coffee. (which I am enjoying as we speak) 

As much as I love my coffee, I won't drink shitty coffee...when I'm at home.

seems like a silly thing to be fussy about doesn't it?

One thing about being at home is I have a choice on how good the coffee is.
When we travel we are of course at the mercy of whatever the restaurant serves.
But at home, I do not compromise.

Whenever possible on our travels, I will stop at Tim Horton' any good Canadian, I love Tim's coffee and depending on just how badly I need a fix, I have been known to wait at length in the drive thru to get one...and I am not a patient man when it comes to things like that.

Starbucks is great too but there never seems to be a convenient one. Meaning, one with a drive thru.

There's a great little gourmet coffee shop in Moose Jaw Sk I used to go to on occasion..right where the Al Capone tunnels start...we haven't been there in a while so I forget the name but not the coffee.

If the world as we know it ended and we were all living primitive in caves of the things I would miss the most would be my quiet Saturday mornings at home with my coffee...a simple shot of espresso followed by coffee 'n''s always about the little things isn't it?


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