Well the studio sessions went really well last week...loving the rough mixes so far and I can't wait to share with everyone! I'm thinking a single release early in June and the album release around Sept/Oct..

This is actually my first weekend off in a month or so...and I'm lovin' it. 
I'm finally getting to a point in life where I don't let myself feel guilty for doing nothing....which is exactly what I did today..nothing.
Ok..I went to the grocery store and I barbecued for me and my bride...soaked up some rays on the patio and listened to music..and did some website updates. But that's not work.

"smilin' like we're seventeen
baby won't you ride with me" 

(A line from one of my new songs...)

Think about seventeen for a minute....it's the last age of freedom and (if I can say) irresponsibility.
Too young to vote
Too young to drink
Last year of high school so still living at home
No bills to pay

It's the last of an era...carefree and bored

So, sometimes I like to take time to just do nothing...guilt free..like 17
I'm never bored....there's always something to do
But to pretend, if only for a day that I have nothing to do, I'm finding, is the best damn medicine for the soul!

If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it! 

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