So much for my stretch of being lazy about updating this realm.
I've finally gotten to some may notice There's a newly added Blog entry from Oct of last year....
Well I found it in the "saved drafts" 
Seems I never got back to it so I published it as it was then...just a ramble from the moment.

Hopefully, since you're here, you've taken some time to listen to the new album.
While the process of making an album is time consuming and at times frustrating, I'm pretty proud of the results.

It's almost time to load the gear into the van and leave it there for a month (or is it more?)...hitting a busy stretch.
So, this week I'll be changing guitar strings and showing the guitars a little love...
In fact the old tour van needs a little too.
It's 12 years old now and it's been a great companion for 7 years and a lot of miles.
Most significantly now the AC doesn't work...not exactly a tragedy I know.
Minor discomfort, but maybe it's time to have a look at it.
I could trade it off but ya know, I've never been that "car guy".
I don't like spending that money...having that payment. 
Reliability is the key (with all the miles we put on) and this girl has been that and more!
Plus Chev doesn't make the Safari anymore so I don't even know what I'd get!
Nah, I think she'll be with us a while longer...

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